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Leeds Health and Care Plan

Leeds Health and Care PlanThe Leeds Health and Care Plan sets out the areas to focus on to give us the best chance of reducing health inequalities and improving the quality and sustainability of our services. The Leeds Health and Care Plan will deliver significant parts (but not all) of the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2021.

Some of these things will change how we work; others are about changing the conversation we have with citizens and the actions they take as a result. It’s all based on a person-centred approach, working with people to make Leeds the best city for health.

The Health and Care Plan proposes what’s changing in Leeds. These ideas have been brought together using information from conversations with patients, citizens, doctors, health leaders, voluntary groups, local politicians, research and learning from what has worked well in other areas.

The Leeds Health and Care Plan identifies three ‘gaps’ between the way we currently do things in the city and how we would like things to be. These are:

  • Protecting vulnerable people and reducing health inequalities;
  • Improving quality and reducing inconsistency
  • Building a sustainable system within the reduced resources available

To help us do this, we have prioritised four areas of work for improving the health and care of people in Leeds. These four priorities and details of some of the proposals for changes that will be made can be seen in the plan on a page.