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Better Conversations

The name for a person-centred approach of ‘working with’ citizens across a number of health and care programmes

Better conversations in Leeds is a culture change program moving the conversation between worker and citizen from a paternalistic dynamic where the worker is viewed as the ‘expert’ and has a role to ‘fix’ the citizen towards one of an equal partnership where the worker looks to enable the citizen.

This approach acknowledges their strengths and assets and aims to improve quality of living and support independence.


To date, Leeds has made great progress in developing ‘Better conversations: A whole city approach to working with people’ by uniting key enablers and techniques such as health coaching, collaborative care and support planning, making every contact count and strength based social care. However, the city now has an ambition of making the ‘working with’ approach the norm across all health, care and wellbeing conversations.

Better Conversations are offering One Day Skills sessions which are available to all staff working in the health and care system in Leeds, including in the third sector.

Our aims are to:

  • work with teams to embed and sustain better conversations across health and social care in Leeds;
  • work alongside leaders, champions and teams to support person-centred ways of working.

A diagram that shows the Leeds approach to working with people. This is based on quality conversations that make a difference, starting with what's strong rather than what's wrong.