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Leeds Sustainability and Transformation Plan

A new and important piece of work in health and care is being developed in Leeds – the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

The STP is an opportunity for all of the services that work across health and care in Leeds to agree a shared plan for the next five years. Leeds is contributing to a joint West Yorkshire STP, which alongside plans from other areas of the country has been requested by NHS England, but we are also developing our own citywide plan to complement this.

NHS England will use the STP to inform funding decisions about Leeds for the next five years. It’s about the way we’re going to change what we do across health and care, to achieve our ambitions, meet rising demand and acheive financial sustainability. Learn more in the briefing about the STP for managers here.

The STP complements our overarching Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy – read more about how they fit together in the blog from our health and care leaders here.