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Having your assessment when you're back home

If you’ve been in hospital you might have an assessment before you leave. This is a conversation about what support you will need when you get back home. But sometimes there’s a delay before this can take place.

This means you can’t leave hospital straight away because you need to wait for the assessment or the support to be arranged.

While you’re in hospital it can also be hard to think what day-to-day support you might need once you’re back home.

For these reasons it might sometimes be better to hold assessments once people get home, instead.

This way of having assessments is called ‘Discharge to Assess’, and so far it has been tested out with two patients in Leeds, aged 90 and 83 respectively. The trial went well overall, and the patients and staff who took part were optimistic about the approach.

A more detailed pilot will take place later in the year, working with patients, carers and staff to see if this is a better way to support people after their hospital stay.

NEW! Read the report on opinions from service users and carers about the ‘Discharge to Assess’ model of care.


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