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How will the changes be made?

When we’re thinking about making changes to a service, we will always involve people who may be affected, as early as possible.

First we will speak to people who use the service, carers and relatives, and the staff who work there. We will ask about how the service works now and what changes people may want to see. We will then use people’s views and ideas to put together some options for how things could be done differently. People will then be invited to think about the proposed options and say which they think might work best.

If any major changes are planned once these conversations have taken place, then there will be a more formal citywide conversation, known as a consultation, to ensure everyone has a chance to have their say. More

Wherever possible we will be inviting patients and others to be involved in different ways – on boards, through focus and reference groups, via the citizens’ panel and more. Staff will have opportunities to shape and influence the changes too, through workshops, process mapping sessions and in other ways.

Communications and engagement plans for major service changes are subject to scrutiny by elected members, and accountable to the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board.

Tell us what you think – get involved!