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At home and in the community

We are looking at ways to offer more care at home or in the community.

This will mean there will be less need to go into hospital unless you need specialist support that can only be provided in a hospital setting.

We are making changes to:

If you’re generally healthy …

There are many things people can do to maintain good general health and fitness. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are increasingly doing more to encourage people to keep an eye on their health even when they have no symptoms, to optimise wellness and pick up any risk factors as early as possible.

What will I notice?

  • More health-related messages
  • Your GP or nurse may talk to you about ways to stay healthy and mobile for longer

If you have long-term health problems

GPs and other health and care professionals will work with you and your family to try to prevent your condition getting worse. Very frail people or those otherwise at high risk will get particular attention and support across all the different services they use. More.

We’d love to know what you think and use your views to shape future services – get involved.