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Outpatient tests and follow-ups

We want to make it easier for our patients to access certain types of health tests, follow-up appointments and other types of care they might need after they leave hospital after undergoing treatment for elective care.

‘Elective care’ is non-emergency care that has been arranged in advance, usually after you have been referred for further treatment by your GP.

Elective care usually takes place in hospital as often this is the most appropriate place for patients to be. However we are aware from feedback from healthcare staff and patients that some of the follow-up care and tests do not necessarily have to take place in hospital.

We hope to offer more of these services outside hospital where it’s safe to do so.

The first areas we’re looking at are:

Patients, their relatives and carers, and staff working in these areas will be invited to think about what changes could help improve these services. This could look at factors such as convenience for patients, availability of clinical staff at other sites or in the community and current and future healthcare needs of our local communities.

Depending on what people tell us, the main priorities could include:

  • Looking at alternative locations for some tests and follow up care with care provided closer to home, where it is safe to do so
  • Considering options for walk-in services diagnostic (testing) services where safe and appropriate
  • Quicker access to test results (diagnosis)
  • Improved information and support for patients so that they understand what will happen next
  • Using technology to reduce the need to travel to appointments. This means you might not have to leave home to get your results or to talk to a health or social care professional.

Are you interested in helping to shape how these services will work in the future? Please get in touch.