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Improve mental health care services

Leeds is a city that values people’s mental well-being equally with their physical health.

Our ambition is for people to be confident that others will respond positively to mental health needs without prejudice or discrimination and with a positive and hopeful approach to future recovery, well-being and ability. This ambition has been set out in a new Leeds Mental Health Framework 2014 – 2017, signed by NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Leeds Involving People, Volition and Leeds City Council.

Read more about the Mental Health Framework here.

Mental Health Framework News

The Mental Health Framework News provides updates on what’s changing in mental health services in Leeds.

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat

In February 2014, the Government published a national agreement setting out how organisations will work together better to make sure that people in crisis receive urgent mental health care.

Services and organisations across Leeds have developed an action plan for improving the care for people in mental health crisis as part of the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.


Do you have experience of accessing mental health care services in Leeds? Are you interested in helping to shape how these services will work in the future? Please get in touch.