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Improving support for parents of unwell children

Emergency Department statistics show that 0-4 year old children make up a disproportionate percentage of emergency department usage.

We think that we can better support parents and carers in Leeds to improve confidence in managing the care of a child at home. By better supporting parents and carers in Leeds we can increase confidence in managing the care of a child at home, improving the appropriateness and quality of care that they receive.

Following consultation with clinical leads for children in Leeds and detailed consideration and analysis of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, we are developing clear and helpful guidance on how best to treat an unwell child, and improve knowledge of services that are available to give further advice and treatment.

We spoke with parents of young children to get their views on the guidance tool, and their feedback will be used to further develop it. The guidance tool will be distributed to parents across Leeds in Autumn 2015 – watch this space for updates.