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Using buildings and resources in the best way

Buildings used for health care can be expensive to run; it can also be inconvenient for patients if services are too spread-out.

Occasionally this may mean that it makes sense to move a service from one location to another, or bring together services that are spread across several buildings, where this will be of benefit.

What will I notice?

You may be asked your views about services being moved or changed, from time to time. There will always be opportunities for patients, relatives and carers – as well as staff and other interested parties – to make their views known so everyone is involved in the decision. If it is then agreed that something needs to change, this will be consulted on where appropriate, and publicised as widely as possible.

Do you have an opinion about location of services or how a particular health building should be used? Are you interested in helping to shape how services will work in the future? Please get in touch.