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Local Care Partnerships

Local Care Partnerships (LCPs) is the term used in Leeds to describe our model of joined-up working to deliver local care for local people; working in and with local communities.

Local Care Partnerships build on a strong history of Leeds City Council, NHS and third sector (community organisations) staff working together.  There are 19 LCPs covering all of Leeds. Some meet together due to historical ways of working in that geography. Recognising the diversity of the city, they are tailored to local need and the features of that particular community.

All LCPs share the same key feature – a range of people working together, regardless of the employing organisation, to deliver joined-up collaborative care that meets the needs of the identified population.  Each Local Care Partnership includes statutory organisations, Third Sector (community groups) and elected members, alongside local people, to develop services that support people to access the right support when they need it and thrive using their individual and community assets.

The Local Care Partnerships model is strongly rooted in our Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy  2016-21 (LHWS), embedding our vision that Leeds will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.

LCPs build on the strengths and extensive history of collaboration in the city to realise some of the most exciting, person-centred transformation in health and care, as well as tackling health inequalities and considering the impact of wider social determinants on people in that locality.

Click here to access the list of Practices that work with the Local Care Partnership Development Teams.

LCPs widely recognise that decisions made locally about people should involve the local community. There are lots of different ways that local people can share their opinions and get involved in shaping local health and care services.

As a development team, we will be running monthly sessions to explain what an LCP is and do, and how organizations can connect. Although these have been designed with the third sector in mind, they are open to anyone who wants to learn more. Our next introduction to Local Care Partnership session is scheduled for Tuesday 9th March, 10am-12pm via zoom.

Click here to view the attached flyer for more details.

If this is something which interests you, or if you are a professional in Leeds who wants to connect with their LCP, please do contact the LCP Development team at