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Bramley, Wortley & Middleton Local Care Partnership

Bramley Wortley and Middleton Local Care Partnership covers Bramley and Wortley’s geographical area and Middleton Park.

Over recent months, the focus and work of Armley Local Care Partnership have covered a geographical footprint across both Armley and Bramley, Wortley and Middleton.

After discussion and feedback from a number of partners, we are now going to identify as two independent LCPs (so there will be separate LCP meetings and governance for Armley LCP, and for Bramley, Wortley and Middleton LCP). The aim of this is to enable a very local focus on population needs, tackling health inequalities and working with local communities. Going forwards we will of course bring the 2 LCPs together where there are opportunities to work together or to facilitate sharing of learning.

We are building a diverse Local Care Partnership that includes partners from across Leeds.  One of our aims is to develop a strong identity as Bramley, Wortley and Middleton to ensure that we provide services and support that meet the needs of people living in this area

Current Priorities

Ageing Well {Population Health Management}

Partners from across the Local Care Partnership are working together to understand where the greatest opportunities are to improve health and wellbeing for defined groups of local people. By using data and a population health management approach, we aim to reduce health inequalities and prioritise local needs, by focusing resources on preventative and pro-active care.  The focus of this new way of working is supporting people with frailty.

So far the group have agreed on a cohort to initially focus on people living with moderate frailty, COPD or Asthma and social vulnerability (people who may live alone, who are widowed).  This is such an exciting opportunity to also consider the wider determinants of health which we know impact significantly on local people, as well as work alongside a wide range of colleagues which will strengthen relationships going forward.

At the moment, we are contacting our cohort to find out what matters to them. We will then use this information to guide our next steps for this intervention in line with what people have told us.

How to get involved

We are keen to include more partners across the patch, in particular those who can support our current priorities and community groups. If you would like more information or to join us, please contact