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Leeds Student Medical & The Light Local Care Partnership

Leeds Student Medical & The Light Local Care Partnership covers the city centre and student areas of Leeds. This LCP population are made up by people who are registered at the practices. Within this LCP, a substantial number of people do not live in the footprint.

As a Local Care Partnership, we formed at the end of June 2020,  in light of the COVID 19 pandemic, the initial focus was on the sharing of information, knowledge and support between members and their respective organisations. We have never met physically as a group but look forward to being able to do so when safe.

At present, our partnership is made of Primary Care, Universities & University Unions, Communities and Third Sector representation, plus a strong presence from elected members. This is working well to cover the services and support this population engage with.


Communication & Engagement

As a new partnership in its infancy, we have been avidly learning about each other’s remit and sharing knowledge and skills across the piece. Each month we have a new host, who explains what their organisation does, and how the partnership can support and be supported by them. This work has often shown a gap in knowledge and communication between different parts of the health and care system and provided opportunities for inter-sector learning and collaboration.  

To support this, in this LCP, we are trialling a Facebook page to share information and keep conversations going in between meetings. This is a closed group, but you can join if appropriate via this link:

We are keen to include representation from the population of this footprint, and together will be working on how best to engage people to be involved in local influencing of decision making.


Who are our population?

It will come as no surprise that a key population group covered by this partnership are Students. However, as this footprint also geographically covers the city centre, we know there are communities who live and use the area (such as the homeless, Refugees & Asylum Seekers, and the LGBT+ community) who experience inequalities and challenges around health and care. 

We have key partner engagement from some city centre-based third sector groups which also work with the Autistic community, Sex Workers and people who experience Mental Health issues. Again, as this partnership evolves, we anticipate a focus around these communities of interest to grow and to understand how we better support third sector and community groups who work with people and communities who experience the greatest health inequalities.


What have we identified as priorities?

Mental Health has been overwhelmingly highlighted as a key priority for all partners of this LCP from all groups people work with. Mental Health is a massive topic that ranges from low mood to serious mental health diagnoses.

As a partnership we at a point of analysing data from various sources to better understand some key groups we can prioritise to work together around to improve their mental health, with a focus on how this, in turn, can improve health inequalities. We are also keen to see examples of projects and initiatives which have worked around mental health with different groups of people.

Alongside mental health, a priority has been to support different groups to cope with new pressures the pandemic has shown. We see grant funding as a key to this work and are looking for opportunities to work together as a partnership to identify and write bids to support this work.


Local Care Partnership Meetings

The LCP meets on the second Tuesday of every month, 2.30-4 pm via Zoom. Meetings strike a balance of partners sharing information about them and their service, whilst progressing priorities and actions.


How to get involved

We are keen to include more partners across the patch, in particular those who can support our current priorities and community groups. If you would like more information or to join us, please contact​​