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Leeds Student Medical & The Light Local Care Partnership

Leeds Student Medical & The Light Local Care Partnership covers the city centre and student areas of Leeds. This LCP is based on the practices populations, so some people are registered at either practice but do not live in the footprint.

As a Local Care Partnership, we formed at the end of June 2020, in light of the COVID 19 pandemic, as a forum to share information, knowledge and support each other to best support the people. We have never met physically as a group but look forward to being able to do so, hopefully next year.

At present, our partnership is made of Primary Care, Universities, Communities and Third Sector representation. This is working well to cover the services and support this population engage with.

Current Priorities

Communication & Engagement

As a new partnership in its infancy, we have been avidly learning about each other’s remit and sharing knowledge and skills across the piece. Each month we have a new host, who explains what they do, and how the partnership can support and be supported by them. This has shown a gap in knowledge and communication across the piece which we need to filter into this population, so we can best guide people to the right support at the right time.

To support this, in this LCP we are trialling a Facebook page to share information and keep conversations going in between meetings. This is a closed group but you can join if appropriate via this link:

With winter approaching and COVID impacting on this population in particular, it is vital we get the right messages out and support each other. We are keen to include representation from this population group, and together will be working on how best to engage people to be involved in local influencing of decision making.


It will come as no surprise that a key focus of this partnership is in regard to Student health and wellbeing, and particularly student mental health.

Communities of Interest

As this footprint also geographically covers the city centre, we know there are many communities who are in need of support, such as the homeless, Refugees & Asylum Seekers, and the LGBT+ community to name a few. We have key partner engagement from some city centre-based third sector groups which also work with the Autistic community and Mental Health support. Again, as this partnership evolves, we anticipate a focus around these communities of interest to grow and to understand how we better support third sector and community groups who work with these parts of the population.

Local Care Partnership Meetings

The LCP meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month, 2.30-4 pm via Zoom. The first meeting of the month focuses on partners sharing information about them and their service, whilst the other meeting takes on the role of the business meeting to progress priorities and actions.

How to get involved

As a relatively new partnership, we are keen to include more partners across the patch, in particular those who can support our current priorities, and community groups. If you would like more information or to join us, please contact​​