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Seacroft Local Care Partnership

Seacroft is the geographical footprint that covers Seacroft Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Leeds.

The Local Care Partnership includes GPs, community health care, adult social care, third sector, community groups and elected members, alongside local people, to develop services that support people to access the right support when they need it and thrive using their individual and community assets.

The LCP has a shared purpose around ‘Making the right thing, the easiest thing to do.’

As well as the wider Local Care Partnership, the LCP has a design group made up of a variety of partners who help to provide a focus for the LCP and enable the work to move forward.

Current Priorities

Ageing Well {Population Health Management}.

 A proactive frailty team support older people to age well within the local area, with weekly multidisciplinary meetings.

The Seacroft ageing well work seeks to:

  • To test the role of the Frailty Care Coordinator.
  • To make “ Better Conversations” the cultural norm in Seacroft.
  • To test implementing a single person-centred care plan.

 An evaluation is currently underway to capture learning from the team.

 Mental Health – Domestic Abuse

Seacroft Local Care Partnership has recognised the significant need to respond to Domestic Abuse, particularly as a result of COVID -19.

To make a change, we are delivering a co-ordinated partnership response for the benefit of local people, starting with a month of awareness-raising and taking action in November and continuing into the following months.

To make a change in Seacroft, we are taking forward:


  • A programme of free virtual training for staff and residents to understand more about Domestic Abuse, develop confidence in listening and approaching conversations around Domestic Abuse and where to signpost for help
  • Opportunities for organisations to obtain a Domestic Violence Quality Mark or White Ribbon accreditation
  • Disseminating resources around where help is available in Seacroft and Leeds
  • Holding partnership workshops to learn from each other and explore new ways of working

Awareness Raising

  • Increasing public knowledge and awareness around Domestic Abuse and where help is available – Changing attitudes and perceptions, supporting victims and challenging behaviours
  • Using social media to ensure messages reach a significant proportion of our citizens and workforce
  • Disseminating awareness-raising materials to local communities organisations and businesses
  • White Ribbon Artwork on display in windows of local streets
  • Working with local sports stars to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse


  • Listening and learning from local people who have lived experience of Domestic Abuse
  • Engaging with partners and communities to develop a joined-up and coordinated approach
  • Increase the number of safe spaces in Seacroft and the surrounding area
  • Increase the number of White Ribbon Champions and Ambassadors with Seacroft


When they meet

The LCP meets monthly on Wednesdays month, 1 pm – 2 pm.


How to get involved

We are keen to include more partners across the patch, in particular those who can support our current priorities and community groups. If you would like more information or to join us, please contact​​