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Wetherby Local Care Partnership

Wetherby Local Care Partnership covers a large rural area which includes Wetherby town and a number of outlying villages.

The LCP has high levels of participation from colleagues across Health, Social Care and the Third Sector. During Covid-19, the group has found great value in the meeting to share how all organisations are working differently and how they could work in a coordinated way to support people.

The LCP work together to look at where they can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of people in their area, many of whom are older, frail and face barriers, such as transport and mobility issues. The group is working together to adopt a proactive approach and utilise available resources more effectively.

Current Priorities

Population Health Management – Frailty

The LCP is participating in Population Health Management with a focus on frailty. They are using a data-driven approach and have identified that mobility issues, dizziness and social vulnerability are outliers for people with moderate frailty in their locality. The LCP is currently designing their intervention which will take a proactive, person-centred approach to work with individuals to delay or prevent these people from becoming severely frail. The success of the intervention will be evaluated to measure the impact on the individuals who have been identified to take part in this pilot.

The process of taking part in the Population Health Management programme has strengthened the relationships across Health, Social Care and the Third Sector in the locality. It encouraged everyone to consider the wider determinants of health and how, by working together, we can make a greater impact on these determinants.

Local Care Partnership Meetings

Wetherby LCP has a very motivated group of partners who are keen to work together across organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of people who live in the area.

The group meet every 6 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon 1-2.30 pm. Meetings are virtual and held on Microsoft Teams.

How to get involved

As a relatively new partnership, we are keen to include more partners across the patch, in particular those who can support our current priorities, and community groups. If you would like more information or to join us, please contact​​