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Meet the Better Conversations team

Amy – Better Conversations Facilitator

Hi, I’m Amy. My background is in Speech and Language Therapy, where I went on to work with Stroke patients and specialised in Clinical Psychology. I’m interested in positive behaviour change, particularly how our conversations can enable this. I am passionate about creating the time and space for staff to be able to reflect on their communication skills, and translate any learning and development into practice. The ultimate goal is to ensure the people of Leeds feel listened to, valued and understood, and are given the opportunity to express what matters to them, and make informed decisions that are right for them.

Caroline – Communications Project Support Officer

Hi, I’m Caroline. My passion is working with people and I truly believe that the work the Better Conversations team, undertakes with Health and Care professionals achieves this. The team offers staff the opportunity to reflect on their conversations, to share learning and further develop their skills. The ultimate goal is to understand what is important to each individual, to help them make informed decisions on their own Health and Care, to listen to their experiences and work with them, to find a solution which is right for them. This can and is achieved through a better conversation.

Emily – Better Conversations Facilitator

Hello, my name is Emily. I have a keen interest in working with people, stemming from my background working as a relational therapist and health coach. After several years of working with people setting personal goals working towards changing their behaviours, I have become interested to explore how our conversations that we have every day can impact this, our motivation and our self-belief. Having a ‘Better Conversation’ and challenging our habitual conversations will help us achieve the Leeds aim of truly listening and supporting each other to understand what matters to people.

Emma – Business Project Support Officer

Hi, I’m Emma. For many years I worked with children and young people through the Healthy Child Pathway service for Leeds Community Healthcare. I started with the Better Conversations team in April 2018 and have seen the project develop and flourish from the beginning. Along the way I have witnessed the Leeds workforce experiencing our interactive sessions. My goal is to see many more staff access Better Conversations and embrace our ethos: person centred, shared decision making and personalised care approaches to support their conversations with the people of Leeds.

Jonathan- Better Conversations Lead

Hello, I’m Jonathan. I have been working in the area of personalised conversations for many years. My interest in this area was sparked while working in a previous role as a community Dietitian supporting adults to manage their health, as well as training to become a health coach. I feel it is a privilege to work with staff working across the health and social care system in Leeds and have witnessed on many occasions the impact of the work that the Better Conversations team offer. Although most of us have conversations every day in our role, and do a great job, I believe that we can always improve and strive for better conversations that lead to better health, care and wellbeing outcomes.

Josh – Better Conversations Facilitator

Hello Everyone! My name is Josh Rhodes. I have worked in Health and Care in Leeds for a number of years now. I have always been really conscious of the experience people have after interacting with me. Whether that is colleagues or the people of Leeds. It could be a chat down a corridor, in a kitchen or in a more formal setting. For me, it doesn’t matter where conversations take place – what matters is what the other person leaves with. Can I help someone leave with a smile? Can I help to put someone at ease? Can I work with someone to figure out what they need to do? Better Conversations looks at the how – Come and take a look.