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Sharing best practice

Leeds’ health and care system has a strong reputation across the country.  This means we regularly host and help others to find out more about what we do and share ideas.  At the same time Leeds is always keen to learn from what is going well elsewhere.  Leeds continues to be part of a network of Integrated Care ‘Pioneer’ areas across the country.

More information on the Leeds Pioneer Programme can be found here.


As we look to make changes to health and social care in Leeds, we are having conversations citywide with members of the public, healthcare professionals and partner organisations.

The findings from many of these discussions can be found here.

Useful links

Leeds Directory – a useful guide to finding services and community groups in your local area, including those for health and care.

Leeds Care Record – the Leeds Care Record contains key health and social care information about people living in Leeds which is taken from other medical and social care records.

Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016–2021 – our city’s plan to improve the health and wellbeing of local people

NHS Five Year Forward View – the Forward View sets out how the health service needs to change, arguing for a more engaged relationship with patients, carers and citizens to can promote wellbeing and prevent ill-health.

Care Act 2014 – an Act to make provision to reform the law relating to care and support for adults and the law relating to support for carers; to make provision about safeguarding adults from abuse or neglect; to make provision about care standards.

National Voices – works from the viewpoint of the person using the service to develop a vision for the integration of health and social care