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What’s changing

Most of the things that determine how healthy we can be are things we do every day for ourselves or with others in our family or community. In fact, the Health Foundation estimates that as little as 10% of our health has anything to do with health and care services, but much more about where we live, work and play, what we eat, how we move…and all the other things reflected in our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Therefore, some of the biggest changes are possible from considering what we can to do keep ourselves and our communities healthy.

The proposals for change within the draft Leeds Health and Care Plan aim to keep people well, but also outline changes designed to ensure more people get the support they need to manage illness nearer to home. Therefore, the number of services based in and around our neighbourhoods will increase and they will work jointly in a Local Care Partnership (LCP).

Improving the health of people in Leeds will involve changes to the way that citizens and members of the health and care workforce in Leeds do things. But there is absolutely no doubt that our individual, community and collective power means that we can make the changes and improvements we need to be the best city for health and wellbeing.